Ho Ho Ho (DCPD 3)

   I hate this time of year. Sure, when the kids were little, and my wife still loved me, we had a ball. Now, well, it’s overtime…

   It wouldn’t be December without a serial killer in the area, and we got a real sicko.  Media’s calling him ‘Scoop’. He has some cattle prod thing, stuns you good, takes your eyeballs. 7 victims so far, still alive, probably more who didn’t survive the trauma. The Lt would like a result, Detective Ruiz. Wouldn’t we all? Especially his poor bastard victims. If they had the money, no biggie, nice new peepers. But they don’t. Some guy’s started up a fund, but, really…?

   And then there’s a case I went to earlier. Mr and Mrs Dwall Denzil. She took a soft point to the face, he was found bound and hooded, in the kitchen. Neighbours report occasional loud arguments, but only the one gunshot. Dwall says he opened the door, detailed description of a young hispanic with a gun, who tied and hooded him, before he heard a gunshot. Raised the alarm by crashing about. Didn’t sound good to my gut, so he’s downstairs, but I’ll have to charge or release him soon. Flat was only quickly searched, but something’s not right. This guy has not got the readies to call a hit, doesn’t make sense.

   Wander down to the evidence room, past Mart on the Custody Desk, she’s a nice looking girl. I’ve got the restraints and hood, pull it out. She strolls over , ‘Didn’t have you figured for bondage, Ruiz’. ‘It does look kinda professional, doesn’t it? Who apart from a pervert would have this stuff?’ She looks it over, ‘Had a kid brother, was into  escapology, looks like that sort of stuff…’ Lightbulb goes off! Anyone into escapology can surely tie themselves up, like they can break free. ‘Mart, you’re a genius, drink later?’ hopefully – she smiles, ‘I’ll check my diary’.

   So back to the flat, proper search, looking for any stuff on escapology, and maybe even a well-hidden gun. There’s a card at the front desk, some old guy brought it in   HAPPY CHRISTMAS, DETECTIVE. USED TO BE IN SAME SORT OF WORK AS YOU,       STUMBLED ACROSS SOME FREAK LAST NIGHT. CHECK APT 4A, 116TH PENNSLYVANIA, NAME OF MITCHELL. HE WON’T BE TAKING NO MORE EYES.

   Media’s latest flash, Johhny Silverhand’s giving 250 thou to the eyes fund. Merry Christmas, Detroit.

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