Ho fecking ho

Well loyal readers it happens to be the most wonderful time of the year (who ever said that should have their arms removed and then covered in itching powder) and that means all the usual social shit that goes with it, you know what I mean, the fake look of surprise and happiness when you open another pair of socks, or the forced smiles of warmth when family arrive for that terrible ordeal known as the Christmas dinner. Bollocks to it all I say!

But as it is that time I guess we should all just take a moment to thank the gods (or golf ball, or whatever religious thing you believe in) that we as mortals have somehow managed to get through another year without destroying the planet or each other (I know there have been times) so that must be something worth celebrating right?

But on a more serious note (not for long) this year has been really special for us, when I started this whole Battlehammer thing, it was purely for therapy to help me with my depression and anxiety that my normal job had left me with. But little was I to know that my occasional words and twatty videos would give me so much joy and even stranger that other people would also enjoy it! And I thought I was the mad one!

So looking back on last year has been a blast for me, and as we all know this is not a one man show, and no I am not listing everyone again, done that, bought the t-shirt (literally) you all know who you are, and you have my thanks, respect, and love.

Yes its been a journey for us, the road is not always straight but we are getting there. There have been so many highlights it is difficult to know where to begin. Meeting Matt Hart (yes he of Guild Ball fame) was a moment of complete amazingness (is that even a real word) that started us down the Guild Ball road, and once that started so did the videos on YouTube, that snowballed to us even going to a couple of tournaments (and those of you who know me know how difficult that was) and meeting a whole host of fantastic people!

Sorry about Parker Mr Hart sir…


So what will the next year hold in store? Well already we have signed up for three tournaments, and have more games than you can throw an overfed hobbit at to film for your enjoyment. Yes we will be very busy playing games and mostly being the gaming gods (I really mean idiots) that you have all come to know and love!

That simply leaves us to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and we shall see you all very, very soon.

Much love and thanks to you all.

Straw, Parker, Nick, Jason, Jane

The Battlehammer team.


One thought on “Ho fecking ho

  1. Hello dearest you! Just wanted ya to know that I totally agree with your opinion of that Xmasy stuff.
    And I’ll make sure that I never make you endure one of my Christmas dinners! Ha! ( Or will I???)
    Yes, we here at Base Point are very, very impressed by and proud of your achievements Straw and so glad that you’re part of our gang!
    However, I feel that you should perhaps put your Silent Backbone Partner at the beginning of your signing off rather than at the end…… Don’t ya think?? Fondest Love to you both for rotten ‘ole festive season and thereafter………. Very WSM. Xxxxxxxxxx


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