Frostgrave:Walk with the Dead Part Six

Lucius led me along  the corridor where the flickering torchlight changed our shadows into hulking monsters, I smiled at the thought. We passed through one of the tombs many chambers, where several of our band were resting, some recovering from wounds others making masks and hoods out of the flesh of previous victims. Quickly we came to the entrance, and still without speaking Lucius hurried up the stairs and I, pausing briefly to yawn, followed as quickly as my former masters robes would allow.

The coldness outside snatched my breath from me, the freezing fog added to the gloom, I was about to scold Lucius on this stupid, childish prank when he stopped suddenly, and I crashed into him. I bounced off  and getting my feet tangled in the robes, found myself dumped onto the ground. And as I was about to curse Lucius, I saw what had made him stop.

There, in the fog a figure could be seen, a figure dressed only in under garments, blood-stained around the neck, and the eyes, those soulless eyes, eyes I thought I would never have to look into again! And those eyes now beckoned me forward, and step by faltering step I went to stand and the kneel before my master.

And now I find myself huddled behind yet another ruined wall, arrows softly thudding into the snow around me, waiting as the rest of our group make their way deeper into the ruined museum that we had found yesterday, since he had returned from the dead my master had hardly even looked in my direction, but when he did I swear I could feel something utterly evil looking back at me, but then the moment would pass. I would sometimes catch him muttering to himself about something that has awoken, something that must be stopped, and if I tried to broach the subject he would quickly dismiss me. Now as I peeked over the wall I could see him standing there, green tinted power forming on his hands only to be released a moment later to screech across the rubble strewn hall and explode, raining magical fire on those trying to hide. The other war band had beaten us to the museum, but the statues that had come to life were now beating them back, maybe for once we would get the treasure, and maybe I would get some answers


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