Ah well it may be too late to stop the loss of Mr P’s hair (then again that could be my fault) but how do we stop jumping from one project to another, when we haven’t even finished the first one!

Sorry loyal readers, think I have lost the plot somewhere, come on Straw pull yourself together..slap.

Firstly, a little sorry is in order for neglecting you for so long, it just seems these days we are either filming game reports or hurriedly gluing and painting our little toys ready for the next filming! Its like a chaotic whirlwind of glue, paint, plastic and pants… no not the pants!

So what we been up to? And what has got me all in a flap? Well after the trip up north we decided to take a little break from our beloved hobby, that lasted one whole day before we found our selves discussing new tactics for Guild Ball, and deciding which teams we would try next for a little variety, morticians will be taking a rest, and I shall be giving the masons some attention, well that is till I get my grubby hands on the new striker Bonesaw!

Bonesaw, the striker the morticians have been waiting for!

And then things went a little silly (again) with a decision to go play another tournament in Doncaster next year (frozen balls, great title) made, I decided some much needed model time was required, and now I find myself knee deep in Batman miniatures, Vikings, a Viking ship, Frostgrave figures, Malifaux figures, all for games we haven’t even played yet! Well we have played Frostgrave and we love it!

And that’s part of the problem, now seeing the cultists box before me, I have the sudden urge to rebuild my warband with cultist models, but I also want to paint my Harley Quinn figures, and get Chisel painted in case I want to add her into my Masons team for tomorrow (well that aint gonna happen)


And joy of joys the postman has just delivered more parcels!

Well rant over (mostly) and it was just me checking in, and getting the frustration out! Coming soon more filming of our silly games, maybe even the rules we use for converting Zombicide (yes people have asked for them) And maybe, just maybe a little preview of the Malifaux Role Playing Game that we might be attempting!

Until then,

Stay hammered!

One thought on “Stop….

  1. That’s the part of the joy of the hobby. It. Never. Ends.

    I’m more concerned at the learning of new systems. Partly because I love reading a new system, trying to figure it out then watching a “how to” on YouTube. It gets me hot. Also, you give them to me cos you don’t want to do it and have more important things to do. I guess we both have our strengths. You’re mad and I’m insane. 😉


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