More Skaldic Shield Silliness

So after yesterdays basic run down of the weekend I thought I would give you a few more photos, because stringing any cohesive sentences is way too hard at the moment, so there!

Poor Mr P getting destroyed by little Jack (who went on to win the second day event) I did tell Parker to use a new strategy, but let the little wookie win was not one he was going to use! So congrats Jack, I am so glad you destroyed him!
A never to be repeated moment, three of us from the Battlehammer on the top two tables!
Quinn “the almost all the battlehammer slayer” Duggan. Great lad, who once he beats Spoony will be getting his very own Battlehammer t-shirt!
See Jason Greenwood, I told you that you would end up being the meat in the Battlehammer sandwich!
Jay Finnigan, the legend. Who sometimes helps out as teas maid and  has been known to help out on Guild Ball Informer, a show ruled over by Chris Hay, and let the fighting begin!
Stockport, see we did really get there!
And yes there were grown up people there with nothing better to do for an entire weekend than play with little dollies! Great bunch!
Playing games, I love my life!
And then there is Parker, who didn’t even known what day it was!
Games and beer on the first night, that will only end in tears, or vomit!
That is the look of someone who has just been totally and utterly destroyed!
Well at least we came home  with something, it may not be the spoon, as Chris decided to actually win a game! But we were all placed mid table which we were all pretty happy with. The hammer was a present from Guild Ball informer, cheers Jay and Chris.

All in all you want to know how we got on don’t you? Well lets just say day one Parker and I were mid table, with me coming out on top. Chris three from the bottom with Jason above him. Day two same again with Parker above me this time. So we are pretty happy with that, and just found out our current rankings, Parker is ranked a respectable 20, Jason comes in at 55, but he has not played that much. Me, well lets just say Parker will not be happy, lets say I came in at 19.

Till next time,
















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