The Might of the Hammer

Yes oh loyal readers we have returned!

Into the rain swept north we have been, far from the lands of our birth, far from hearth and home. Why you ask, raiding? Pillaging? The conquest of new lands? No, we have been in Stockport, participating in a two day Guild Ball event hosted by the fantastic chaps from Guild Ball Informer!

Now instead of giving you a blow by blow account of all the cock ups Mr P managed, lets face it I would be here forever, I shall instead give you a little glimpse into our time with a few photos, I think we even managed some video, but more on that later. But what I will say is this, if you have never done a tournament (like us) this is the one to pop your cherry on, a more friendly and welcoming group of people you will not meet!

Look at our innocent little faces, even the thought of a four and a half hour train journey could not dampen our spirits!

So it was a bit of a hike, but the time flew by, and after arriving and literally bumping into The Battlehamster (Jason Greenwood, our first face to face meeting) we dug out maps and got trekking!

Now the Northwest Gaming centre is not quiet the place I pictured, and we came across it before our hotel (I sense danger) and venturing in through what I can only describe as a warehouse back door (no offense guys) we worked our way up the stairs to find a games shop, Steamforged HQ and the gaming hall we were looking for, and here the trouble began, THEY SERVED BEER!

When the Hamster (middle) meets the Hammers!

Warning, do not serve beer to any of these people!

Element Games

I wish this photo could do this place justice! A tiny two room place with more games than I have ever seen in my entire life added together! I really thought I had died and gone to heaven!

A picture you should not see! A place where magic really does happen!

The above photo does not exist, you did not see, this is not the photo you are looking for, nothing to see here move along.

Yes, we drank, yes we played Guild Ball, yes some of us got really hung over, yes we were a bloody long way from home and our loved ones, but would we do it again? FUCK YEAH!

The man behind it all, Mr Jay Finnegan.

Not just the tea-boy, but the fella behind Guild Ball Informer, and bloke behind the Skaldic Shield silliness, and now an official Battlehamster!

What a couple of  handsome devils!

Love this picture, Mr Chris Hay and my good self (another Hay)wonder if we are related? I hope for his sake we are not!

A man amongst gods 

I am hoping that the expertise of these three heroes, Chris Hay (winner of too many tournaments) Steve Newton and his son Jack (winners of day one and day two, and winners of a whole bunch of other tournaments) will rub off on me!

More photos to follow, and if you want to see the video it is here

So to all the new people we met and all the new friends we made, a big thank you to each and everyone of you for making our first trip out so very , very special and we hope to catch up with you all again, and sorry about Parker!

Till then friends remember,


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