Frostgrave: Walk with the dead part 5

There had been a sound, it pulled me back from the dream I had been happily lost in, the one where her corpse had lay beneath me, clothing torn aside in my frenzy to get at her cold dead flesh. Muttering I rolled over, eyes attempting to focus on the waving light I could vaguely make out, slowly they focused upon the Crossbowmen, Lucius, his haggard face showing nothing of what he was thinking, he had been the first to find me rutting over the frozen corpse, he had said nothing, simply grabbing me and telling me to run.

Later I had found out that the rest of our warband had encountered the magical Golem we had been hunting, and as they had battled the beast, the warband belonging to the witch Agnes had appeared and stolen the treasure we had been luring the beast away from. My master was unhappy to say the least.

But our next trip in the ruins of Frostgrave was to be even worse for us.

Lucius had returned from his scouting, and instead of reporting to me he had gone straight to the necromancer, they talked for a while, then before I could inquire what was wrong we were rushing to the city. Lucius had found the Golems lair, an abandoned factory and he had seen no sign of other warbands.

The beast had been raging, destroying any part of the factory it had come across, we watched as it smashed its way effortlessly  through walls. Then the order was given and we advanced.

I remember very little, everything happened too quickly, Jac and the Knight had charged the Golem who, with one backhanded slap felled Jac instantly, who in response managed to crawl away spitting blood, but the Knight stood his ground and his glowing sword began to harm the beast.

My master had been creeping forward through the ruins, I could not understand why, then I saw her, the witch Agnes, she was here! Suddenly green witchfire erupted from my masters outstretched hands, it sped towards the witch, who at the last moment turned and took the full impact on her arm, screaming she went down. With a triumphant look my master moved from behind his cover to view his victory, that’s when the arrow had taken him straight through the throat, he was dead before he hit the ground.

Again my eyes fluttered open, focusing on Lucius, he lowered the lantern, ” You better come see this” he had growled, so gathering my former masters robes about me, I followed. I wish I had not, I truly do.


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