Something new

Right then lets get back to the gaming goodness shall we? So what do we have for you? Well lets have a little think and see what we come up with…ticking sounds….marbles rattling around in a hollow bucket….

Well with only a couple of weeks before the Battlehammer heads north to participate in the Skaldic Shield Guild Ball event, you would have thought we would be balls deep into practice games, but funny enough we have not. All we have done is two games, the first was a trial run using the new errata rules, which we discuss in more detail here and before you ask, no this does not break anyone’s team, if anything it gives a little balance to a team that needed to be pulled back a little (dirty, dirty union) well that’s my opinion.

The second game was a silly little something where we tried to use as many of the big fellas as we could, but still sticking to team builds. So I had Obulus (captain) Dirge (mascot) Ghast, Casket, Fangtooth, and as Parker wanted to use Avarice and Greede, I took Mist, who has lost his momentous tackle. Sad face for me!


And just so you know, it was a lot of fun, but I am buggered if I can remember the score! But we did film it so at some point it will appear on our YouTube page so keep an eye out for that!

Speaking of filming, which we have been doing an awful lot of (or a lot of awful stuff depending on your point of view) which itself seems to take forever, but I think we are nearly all caught up. More gaming goodness than you can throw a wet rag at, and the latest one that will be uploading as we speak (well technically I’m writing  and you are reading) is the mighty Wrath of Kings, no I am not doing a review, but here are our thoughts.

The first thing you notice about the rule book is the glorious artwork! And then you notice how it is a hefty sized book (please god not another billion rules to learn) but fear not, the core rules cover a scares nineteen pages! Yes that’s right, everything you need to know about your troops is on their cards, all their wounds, stats and special powers all on your cards. Fantastic! It is the way many games these days seem to be, Guild Ball, Malifaux to name a couple. And I like that, anything that lets me get playing with little fuss is a winner!

So we have simple rules, and then there are the figures, bugger me backwards they are fantastic! Needing very little in the way of cleaning, just glue and go! And some of them are really big!

No I did not paint this, or even own it yet, but just look at it, a bloody great werewolf!

So Parker and I sat down with the camera rolling and literally played our first game, with very little in the way of magic and missiles in our armies, I had House Goritsi (vampires and werewolves) Parker went for House Hadross (fishmen) it was a case of carnage! And it was, it was also really easy to play!

So having lost the first game, I already have a definite dislike of them fish folk, we decide to crack straight on with another battle, this time using objectives. Well that changed things up, we were having to think tactics! And after a bloody battle the fish/jelly men were sent fleeing back to the sea as fast as their tentacles and legs could carry them, yes victory was mine!

And summing up, damn it I now have to go more of these incredible figures for this wonderful little game! Just lets keep it amongst ourselves shall we? The wife does not need to know!

Dirty, dirty fish men things!

Go play, and we shall see you on the fields of battle, where only one shall be victorious, but if there is dice rolling involved it wont be me!

Next time I will be chatting about sprouts.

Stay hammered!

4 thoughts on “Something new

  1. The werewolf looks very Confrontation Wolfen from Rackham – very nice—v.php

    Trim the ends of the Brussels sprouts and cut each one in half.
    Drop in a pan of boiling water and simmer for 2 minutes. Drain, refresh under cold water and leave to drain until needed.
    3. Place the bacon lardons in a large frying pan and gently fry until the fat has melted and they are just going crisp.
    4. Add the garlic, brussels sprouts and chestnuts and cook until warm. Serve : Fucking YUM

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  2. I was thinking about getting into this game so i’m glad you boys decided to start covering it! I liked the look of the Nasier, but i got Goritsi in a trade so i guess i’m starting with them lol.

    One game i just can’t bring myself to try is that bloody Guildball though. I seen your for noobs vids but nothing’s making the “feel of it” grip me by the tits, or the short and curlies, or any other rude part of mine. Any ideas/help?

    Looking forward to more of the same from you guys, and keep up the good work!

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    1. Sir u disappoint me, Guild Ball is a beautifully crafted game, well written and has a rich background. Simple to play, difficult to master, and so in punishment u are hereby ordered to go back and watch all of our Guild Ball videos! That will teach you! LOL


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