Just to say

A big, really big THANK YOU! To everyone who has been making the Battlehammer what it is today, and I would like to take a moment of your valuable time dear readers, to make the ” cheers” moment a little special, so here we go, yes readers its time for the Battlehammer Orange Shirt Parade! In no particular order.


First on this roll of honour we have  Spoony and Grant, two of the Hammerers long suffering helpers, beer drinkers, tea makers and all round top chaps. Lads thank you and keep on Hammering!


Next we have the venerable Mr Underwood, the chappie who writes all the clever stuff on this blog about role-playing and games mastering, and has even dabbled in short stories for us, which just so you know are all from games he has played in. Nick, you really are one in a million!


John, the latest victim to pulled under our evil sway, trust me fella hang around with us for long enough and you will either become a great gamer or a serial killer. The choice is yours!


Jason Greenwood, you sir are a gentleman. This fellow has never even met us and yet sends us games to play, is a devoted viewer on our videos, and the sender of the occasional awesome gift! Jason, what can I say, thank you does not seem like enough, so prepare to be the meat in a drunken Battlehammer sandwich next month in Manchester!


And then there is this numpty, yes its Parker, everyone should have one in their lives, just not quite sure for what! Parker, you know my thoughts, go get a real job and stop wasting your time playing games!

These are the few I have pictures for, anyone receiving a Battlehammer shirt, get a picture and send it in, want them for my wall of fame!

Of course this little thank you would not be complete without a mention to a whole group of others that have been so great along the way and again in no special order,

The Guild Ball guys, you know who you all are, stand up and take a bow, not you Chris Hay, not till I get my Guild Ball t-shirt!

Andy Scott, another legend whose comments on our videos, his own blog (badly punched otter) and various conversations over twitter and email have kept me so amused! Keep them coming!

Johnny Fransden, oh you Viking you! Cheers for the encouragement!

Nathen and James down Somerset way for all the kind words, wear those shirts with pride boys!

Dale Taylor, for the nasty Golem model. He will be on film tomorrow.

Lee Battrick, at http://www.bendyboards.co.uk/ stop being so awesome!

Spiro Dotgeek, all the way over there in New Zealand, cheers for watching!

That for now leaves me with three more thanks to mention, firstly all the people we have missed out, we cannot remember everything, watch our videos and you will know what I mean!

Secondly to my fantastic wife, if it was not for her support and constant pushing none of this would have happened, so now you know who to blame! I would put up a picture, but she would hit me, ah what the hell!


And finally, to you dear readers, somehow you are still with us, and for that you should rewarded, or committed, so for that again I say thank you.

Now enough of such drivel, back to the normal bollocks! Frostgrave filming tomorrow, and other such stuff!

Stay Hammered!

Oh and you Bear! Cheers!

11 thoughts on “Just to say

    1. Thanks for the mention. But you guys are the amazing ones bring out all this great and crazy content and entertaining us all with your banter. Damn now parker knows what I look like so I can’t hide from his advances now, so long as the battlehammer sandwich has no mayonnaise it should be ok. Looking forward to manchester to finally get a game with you guys and having lots of beers on the saturday night. Now what is the next game to send you ………..

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  1. Thanks for the mention guys. Was only a Golem after all. You guys are the ones that make the vids so the thanks is mine/ours! The hijinks are most hilarious – and your wife is a genius for suggesting you film it!

    And… how the hell do i get a t-shirt?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have couple left in XL sizes, at a bargain of 15 whole English pounds! All u need to do is drop the cash into the wife’s paypal account and give us ur address, not so Parker can stalk u…


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