We came,we saw, we did stuff and something else

Yes oh loyal and beautiful readers we are back! Having battled our way through hundreds (well a few) practice games of Guild Ball in readiness for the Norfolk Open in Norwich (a fine city) and we survived! Now I am sure you are eager to know how the Hammerers got on? Your not? Oh, um, well that has buggered up todays blog, so, ah lets talk about the current trend of pant wearing, should or should they  be soiled or not before being placed on ones head…

Enough! Lets us put aside such strange (yet slightly arousing) thoughts and get back to the weekend shall we?

So eight thirty on a dull and damp (the weather, not us, then again) Saturday morning finds Parker, Chris, Grant and myself throwing youngsters aside on the train so we could nab a table and talk tactics for the upcoming games.

Chris and Grant sitting on the train, nowt more to say really.
Lets face it you would be scared wouldn’t you?

After arriving in the city it was time to make our way to Athena Games, what do you mean they do not open till ten? But we have a tournament! Sigh, twenty minutes of standing around waiting, time passes, time passes, then other people begin to gather, strange people with little cases and strange long bags over their shoulders. Yes other Guild Ball players had arrived with their pitches in tow!

After quickly setting up, registering, getting pitches out, saying a quick hello to everyone it was time to crack on, but not before we were all given a little measuring widget from Lee (of  Bendy Boards, go check them out we will be doing a vid/blog on them soon) and a totally nice bloke, it was time to play ball.

Unfortunately having to play lots of games and concentrate, not many pictures were taken by me but I think you may find some over here somewhere.

Game one for me was against Kyle and his gorgeously painted engineers, fortunately after some nerves we settled into a really fun game that somehow I came out winning!

Game two was against Bendy Boards Lee (if he says he has not played many games to you he is lying) Lots of giggles and fun that game, and again he is a really nice chap, and again I came out victorious! But it went right down to the last move of the game, and if I had not got that tackle in Brisket would have kicked it in the goal.

A quick break followed, then more games, but alas, at this point the spoon would not be mine, damn it.

Next was the dirty, dirty, dirty Union with Ben in charge of them. Now you all know my thoughts on engineers, but the union are so much worse! First time against them and I got slaughtered! And my dice did not help!

Final game of the day, was against the event organiser Darren with (oh for fuck sake) union, but slightly different players to Ben’s team. Again another fun game, with more giggles and laughs than really needed, and another lose for me but it went right down to the last dice roll, and yes there may have been some swearing. But on the plus side I did show Darren how to score his goal so moral victory? And then I found out a victory for me would have placed me third! No Mr Nice Guy next time!

With the games over and prizes handed out, it was time to rush to the station and home and beer! But It really was a great day, so a big thank you to Darren for organising it, Athena games for allowing us to play there, and everyone else for turning up.

On a final note, the Battlehammer did come away with something.

No longer does the battlehammer have someone called Chris, no we now have a Spoony!

And that is your lot for now, video later this week will involve the new Guild Ball errata, so stay tuned and,

stay hammered!

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