Frostgrave: Walk with the Dead part 4

The scene of devastation that we had stumbled upon was enough to even make my master pause, albeit briefly. It was the remains of another warband, their corpses, crushed and broken were scattered amongst the ruins, some were twisted around stumps of broken masonry, and others hung from long shattered windows their blood frozen into dark icicles.

My master looked round, his white eyes seeing nothing yet everything, he cocked his head slightly as if listening to a sound only he could here, in one hand he clutched a silver skull, the other was gently rubbing at his shoulder where an arrow had struck him before, the wound was healing slowly but the cold aggravated it, and everything was cold in Frostgrave.

Suddenly, as if slapped by an unseen hand my master straightened and headed off to the nearest corpse, I knew what we had to do, we needed answers, and quickly I ordered the other mercenaries to begin searching for clues, Wallace and the knight I sent to protect my master, and Lucius would accompany me.

Soon our groups had split up, making their own ways through the rubble and ruins, footsteps cushioned by another recent snowfall. Ahead of Lucius and I was the remains of a house, which in its day would have looked grand, but now only two walls remained, the roof had long since collapsed but we could see signs of recent activity, a fight had taken place and we could see a body. As we neared Lucius pointed with his crossbow to the one remaining window  on the second floor, I understood his meaning, And waited as he, with the agility that I had not noticed before, quickly scaled the broken wall and took his place, once there he looked back at me and nodded, I scampered forward.

The body had been smashed into a wall, I could see the marks, then had tried to crawl when something large and heavy and smashed into its back, stopping further movement and life. I turned the body over. She would have been pretty in life, but in death she was beautiful, her lips twisted in death had turned blue, eyes glassy, long gold coloured hair had spilt from her helm as I had turned her, a rip in her leather chest plate revealed blue tinged, unmoving flesh. My breathing had quickened, and my hand edged further down her body…

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