Boll’uxahahya: An insight into demonkind

As demons go Boll’uxahahya, was not the scariest, or the brightest, not the most fearful, or the most terrifying. He was certainly not the tallest or most awe inspiring. In fact if we get down to brass tack Boll’uxahahya, was, and let there be no doubt, the wankiest demon to have ever been spawned from the fifteenth pit in the twelfth realm of Arrgghh, Hades, Ha6 66b.

Now as things go, Boll’uxahahya had a nice quiet existence, all he was required to do was to upend the tortured souls in the Cavern of Shifting Heated Incense Turds, or Shit for short, and sometimes help out in the Chamber of Bloody Awful Music. Of course this wasn’t all he had to do, these were just his other chores. In reality he was general demons body, punch bag, offal fetcher and the eyes and ears of Mungeagash, a demon of some influence and power to whom Boll’uxahaya had been gifted to. An arrangement that worked surprisingly well for the two of them, Munge(as demons on the same level of power would call him) was a plotter and schemer, a demon of devious doings, while Bollux(as everyone, including mortals) would call him, would just do as he was told, with that stupid little crooked smile on his stupid little crooked face.

And for them, demon life pretty good, until one day…

One thought on “Boll’uxahahya: An insight into demonkind

  1. Im hooked… China has blocked me from gaming goodness for too long (until today) and for my first log in I get a much needed dose of curroption a demon talk. I now feel fulfilled and can go on hating life and attempting to spawn demons over here on my lunch break… much appeciated

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