Now is the time for rage

Oh yes boys and girls its time for Blood Rage!

Now to begin with this is not a review, well it is and it isn’t. I wanted to take the time before we actually play the bloody game and just have a little look and show you what we got with the kickstarter and share my insightful thoughts on it, oh the joy I hear you cry! Yes, yes indeed, so grab thy swords Valhalla calls!

So a large box arrives, and by now you should have checked out the unboxing we did, what, you haven’t? Ok you lazy buggers go here and watch, I will wait, and cue elevator music….

Ah the joy of more plastic crack! See there is a lot of stuff!

Right then into the box, which has lavish artwork all over it by the supremely talented Mr Adrian Smith (literally my favourite artist ever) and inside we find as is the norm for Guillotine Games, it is crammed with gaming goodness.

You have to admit that is a beautiful game board, must keep Parker away from it as he could mess it up….

And along with cards, clan sheets, tokens and numerous other things, we finally have,

Hello little man dollies!

the figures! 10 minis for each clan (8 warriors, 1 leader, 1 ship) 5 human sized models, and 4 bugger me backwards big bastards!

Told you they were big! The Guild Ball figure is for scale!

So the big four are Fire Giant, frost giant, that’s them above, and a sea serpent and a troll. And all I can say is they are all bloody gorgeous! However I do have a grumble, and that is a lot of the spears and the leaders standards are bent/bendy, I know its a little thing as these are gaming pieces and not traditional minis, its just something that bugs me.

Warriors of the Raven clan, and their bendy weapons…

All that and its just the basic box! Extras then include another clan box (Ram) which you can use instead of one of the originals, another 4 monsters, 3 of those being big buggers again! Then there is a fifth player expansion, which allows 5 players, a box of mystics which allows each clan to have up to 2 mystic characters, and if that was not enough, you also get ….


yes I know a box of gods, something ever household should have, but, two things here, one, again bendy weapons (boo) and secondly whether its the yellow plastic or my dodgy eyes, but the detail just does not seem as crisp, maybe painting will change that.

All in all a whole bundle of goodness that needs to be played with (I am still talking about the game) and once we have done that I will let you know what I thought of it!

But for now, go forth and crush your enemies,


One thought on “Now is the time for rage

  1. Ahh. all looks good. It looks like a fun game(due to abundance of brigh colours, cards, boards, and plastic crack). I miss you guys and im still counting down the days till my return.

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