Not enough hours in the day

Firstly I must apologise for not getting much videoed or anything written lately as it has been kind of crazy here at the Battlehammer (even more so than usual) because, as you may know we are trying to get ready for a Guild Ball tournament coming up on the 17th October. It’s taking place at Athena Games in Norwich if anyone wants to come along.  So we have been none stop balling! Behave you dirty minded lot!

And what have I learnt from all these games? Well to begin with 35 minute timed games are a fecking nightmare, especially for a team like the morticians that are really good at a long game, in games this short quite frankly they suck! Now maybe it is just me and my fabled crap dice rolling aura, or maybe it is the fact that the poor morticians were never meant to beat those bloody butchers? I guess we will see, I still have a couple of weeks to tweak the team and get hold of some of Parkers loaded dice.

Take out the big fella with the coffin and this could be my team of choice…

In other news the poor postman has been busy delivering stuff to the Battlehammer this week, so a big thank you to you all (you know who you are) but the biggest parcel of the week was one I had completely forgotten about, yes the Blood Rage kickstarter had arrived! I will be writing more on the goodies that come with it, and photos in a later blog so watch out for that!

We have also be working away on our Frostgrave war bands, I have got a second put together using my Sisters of Sigmar from the old Mordheim, and I am quite tempted to dig out some old beastmen for another band! We have even pre ordered the next book for it, Thaw of the Lichking, and a bunch of cultists! Damn it, like I don’t have enough to paint!

And that to paint list is ever growing, now we have our Malifaux gangs to get assembled, and we now have war bands for Wrath of Kings, and of course the Blood Rage figures will also want painting!

We have also jumped on The Others kickstarter, another horror survival game, and we have also found out that Warhammer Quest is about to come out as a card game! More expense!

Well with all that I had better go get started, and attempt to get some wins in with the morticians, so until next time,

beware of the beast that lives beneath the waves.

4 thoughts on “Not enough hours in the day

  1. Sorry about giving you more expense with the others and warhammer quest game, But you have had some revenge just watch a lets play of black plague and I have had to hide my credit card until pay day. Im sure the dice rolling will go your way maybe lady luck is saving herself for the tournament and then she will be all over you. 🙂

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  2. Actually that guy with the coffin is what’s selling me on the Morticians.

    Saw that Kickstarter of The Others, and man I want it. Wish I had the spare pingers.

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    1. Hiya fella, right then, firstly yes the Others looks bastardly good doesn’t it? Glad I managed to persuade the wife into buying for me! It was a case of “these are not the droids you are looking for” gotta love my jedi mind tricks! And Casket, well yes the model is fantastic but his 3″ aura slows the rest of his team down as well, and they will be changing his Casket time rule in season 2 so it will not be as good, bastards! Think I may drop him for the next practice games and put in Fangtooth instead!


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