Ruiz, Homicide

The start of another glorious overworked, underpaid day as a DCPD homicide detective. Large cahvee (no one can afford the old stuff) – check. Cherry kibble breakfast bar – check. Sheaf of assorted nasty overnighters – check.

Let’s see. Face off between the Smiling Jax and Carnage. Various gang casualties, unknown. 3 civilians, recovered, dead on site. How the heck did we get the bodies? Ah, Officer Figowitz bluffed 4 Jax loonies that C-SWAT were inbound. They’re nervous of C-SWAT at the moment. We got us a new chick sniper. Uses a railgun, and can hit practically anything from a mile out, whilst strapped into an aerial assault vehicle. I don’t understand railguns, all I know is they fire needles, which can go through most armour, and then tumble inside the body. Awesome. I pick the comms up. ‘4356 Figowitz’. Still on duty then. ‘ I hear you faced down a Jax kill squad’. A weary chuckle. ‘Seemed a good idea at the time’. ‘The city owes you a beer, trooper, see you Friday’

So, 3 bodies to ID, next of kin to inform, cake walk. What’s next? Radioshack on Pennsylvania reports large blood stain outside front door, uniform bought some back, and Forensics have already had a look. Blimey, they’re keen. Blood, brain tissue, skull fragments, blah blah, considered opinion fatality due to nature of wound. But they have a DNA check, Maria McKinley, one time military. Great, so something nasty happened to Mz McKinley’s head, and someone has had the body. Can’t see a result on that.

Next, oh joy, they’ve rescheduled the Internal interview. And a little side note from the LT, don’t you go missing that. It’s not for an hour. Plenty of time to practise lies.

Memo from intel, apparently a big shipment of dual purpose ammo has hit the streets. Let’s see, if you’re wearing armour, it goes through, and if you’re not, it acts like a hollowpoint. And the gangs will be toting this. How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?

Concerned citizen on 101st and Utah reports bad smell from neighbouring apartment. Apparently there were screams and gunshots, uh, may have been a day or two back. Not that concerned then. Sounds like a job for uniform.

And just coming in, altercation at Debbee’s Donuts, 95th. Shots fired, multiple casualties. I cram my breakfast, and head out the door

2 thoughts on “Ruiz, Homicide

  1. Given in your last mission, you got half your team in casualty, and one on a murder 1 rap for ‘executing’ the baddie (with his gun camera’d firearm), I think demotion is a possibility…


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