Frostgrave: Walk with the dead, part 3


A sound, mumbled, a voice? Again, only this time clearer. Get up.

Torturous bright light, I was alive! Lucius was standing over me, around I could hear no sounds of combat, was it over? I threw a look up at the mercenary, who simply shrugged and started to walk away. I scrambled to my feet anxiously looking round, and there buried in a stone wall was an arrow, red energies dissipating, how by the gods had it missed me? But before I could investigate further a sharp whistle from Lucius’s retreating form snatched me back to reality and we quickly departed.

It had been a fairly successful mission, not that I would have known, as we returned to the camp the other men were going through three chests that they had recovered, gold and jewels twinkled in the firelight, and further away my master could be seen lurking in the shadows, a mouldy book clutched in his claw like hands. Rest, he suddenly barked, more work tomorrow.

In the old book my master had found a reference and location of a magical lamp, and now in the early morning fog we looked out at the ruins of Frostgrave, somewhere in this district we would find it, so with my master and Wallace already ahead of us, myself and four of our band followed.

The sound of hounds barking suddenly rent the air, again Agnes and her cursed band had found us, and again arrows began to flit through the frosty air. My master had taken refuge on the second story of a nearby ruin, and was launching devastating spells through a shattered window. Of Agnes and her apprentice I could see no sign, but her men appeared to be everywhere, swarming over the ruins, and I could make out some already fleeing the battle with treasures cradled in their arms.

A sudden scream rent the air, and a demonic figure materialised above a chest that one of Agnes’s men had reached before us, this creature began to lash out at everyone near it with wicked claws, I know enough magic to know our weapons will not hurt such a creature, we had to retreat!

As we started to pull back I looked for my master, he was being carried by Wallace, the mercenary did not appear to have any wounds, but all that blood, oh no, I had noticed the arrow, lodged deep in my masters shoulder…

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