Judgement Day.

   Ain’t nothing like being woken by the click of a shotgun hammer, close to the face. I move my hands slowly away from my guns and hope they don’t recognise me.

   You’re that Logan Maccar.


You killed my brother.

This ain’t a good day. I look up. 3 of them, mostly Union colours. The one in front, with the shotgun, he’s the worry. The one with the carbine ain’t set, and the other guy, he may have 2 pistols in his belt, but that’s where they’d stay.

Cat got yer tongue?

I look into shotgun’s eyes. No point bluffing this one.

Yes, I’m Logan Maccar, I rode with the South, and chances are I killed a few Yankees. There was a war on…

You ain’t asked how we know you. We were at Turkey Falls.

Oh shit. That ain’t good at all.

    Well, in that case, you Yankees shouldn’t have a beef. You damn near wiped us out at Turkey Falls.

Yes, that was my brother, he was on the gatling gun.

Memories come flooding back, the side of the wagon dropping, and my boys getting chopped up like brisket. Irish, Seb, Red Eye, Tiny, all gone.

Couldn’t see how you did it. We got the jump on you Rebel scum, and you still managed to draw, and drop the gunner and his loader.

Didn’t do me any good, did it? There must have been a dozen carbines in that house. We got slaughtered.

Us survivors, trapped in the open, and bullets streaming from the house, cutting down soldiers and horses. Carnage.

Yeah, you Yankees wiped out E section, Quantrill’s Company, that afternoon.

Company? Horseshit! You were raider scum! Not soldiers at all. But my problem is, I saw you die.

This is turning into a really shitty day.

Guess you heroes made a mistake. So busy tossing my buddies into a big hole in the ground, you didn’t check us properly. I look dead to you?

Fingers crossed…

I know what I saw. So we’ll stretch your neck on this here tree, and then if you survive that, we’ll fill you so full of holes….

The other two fidgetting, not a worry. Just drop your guard for a second, shotgun…

My horse, tethered to that tree other there, rope on the saddle.

And just for a second he glances over. But a second’s all I need…

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