Guild Ball 11v11

Yes dear friends you read that right, Guild Ball 11v11, are you mad I hear you cry, well, um, yes! But you want to know more don’t you? Well come with us so far down the rabbit hole that even the rabbits don’t want to go there! Come with us to a drunken Saturday afternoon, where the Battlehammer was having a quick rest from teaching Frostgrave to the noobs, read on if you dare…

Looks all normal doesn’t it?

Suddenly I say to the gang, how about 11v11 Guild Ball? To which I receive bemused looks, but then the smiles began and off we went.

Firstly we needed to decide teams, quickly grabbing a goal influence token for each of the teams, we threw these into a bag and randomly drew teams. We got Fishermen first they would team up with morticians (interesting) and alchemists with the engineers (oh for f#$k sake!)

Next we needed to work out which was the lead team in each of the pairings, they would be using their full team, whilst their partners would lose their captain and mascot. So a full fishermen team with Jac in for Siren, which left me with all my morticians except Obulus and Dirge, hmm not good. On the other side it was worked out to be alchemists in charge so the engineers lost their captain and the clockwork bug, but as they did not have enough players they were allowed to take a union player (as long as that player could play for both teams) so Decimate would take to the field.

Then we had to have a quick chat about other general rules, so we would also only be able to spend influence on the team that generated them (woop, gives my morticians 8 points) and it would still only be one model activated on each side per turn (so you would both have to decide which player was going to act) All that remained was to crack open another beer and attempt to remember how a video camera works!

Where is the one button? Where the hell does the beer come out? And why the hell are we recording this?

Then with a resounding chorus of “Kick it in the goal” as sung by the Thetford Drunken Choir, it was time to play ball, Guild Ball!

See, it does not look so big bad and scary does it?

Well, what can I say, first of all I must congratulate Matt and Rich (the designers as if you did not already know) on a rule set that even if you give it the world famous Battlehammer treatment, still works! Yes boys and girls you heard it hear first, Guild Ball 11v11 WORKS! It may look like total chaos on the pitch (well normal football does to me) but when you consider that Guild Ball is loosely based on mob football, which believe it or not is chaos! But the game looses none of its elegance or simplicity. In all the games of GB we have been playing (that’s one or two) the ball does not really move about a lot, but with 11 players that little inflated pigs bladder was going all over the place! Area effect abilities came into there own, hitting more than one player at a time, Shark even ran out of tokens for his caught in the net legendary play, awesome!

So much on the pitch, said it before and I will say it again, awesome!

Now before you all start screaming at me, no, this is not the sort of game I want to play all the time, for crying out loud I struggle with 6v6 most of the time, but for the occasional one off game it is a lot of fun! Try it, you will not be disappointed! And once season two hits you should be able to play with a full (mostly) team, and then Mr P and myself will give it another crack!

In summary, it works, and it works bloody well, if I was one of the designers I would be pretty pleased with myself about now, so again well done guys (I expect gifts in the post, lol), so for now I will leave you with this little nugget, by the end of today there will be a taster of what we recorded going out for you all, and if we get enough gifts, encouragement, threats we will film a proper, full game for you, and we might even do it sober! So keep your eyes open.

And no, I shall not tell you the score!

Play ball, Mega Guild Ball!

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