Back to the frozen city

So tomorrow once again finds Mr P and myself leading our little warbands into Frostgrave, and again the camera will be rolling to catch all the gaming goodness we can bring you! But for now I thought it was time I introduced you all to my little warband, made up of old school Mordheim figures that I had never even used (until now that is) well nearly all, my necromancer is from one of the Warhammer Quest expansions, so without further waffle feast your eyes on this little lot! And excuse the painting, my dodgy back, thumbs and restless legs make it a chore but never mind, onwards!

These are the leaders.

Firstly, the man in charge, Krell Foulborn, necromancer, now a rocking level 2, and all I have done to upgrade him so far is to lower the casting number of one of his spells. The other is Manfred, hero of our stories, apprentice, and fiddler with the dead!

The main fighters.

This is my mailed fist, my warriors that will take on the horrors of Frostgrave and emerge victorious! Well nearly! From left to right we have, Wallace, he is an infantryman with a big weapon (stop it) next is Lucius, my crossbowman, not sure if he has actually hit anything yet. And lastly there is Sir Chubbs, a rather portly Knight with a wonky eye.

The cannon fodder crew.

This group of misfits are my thugs, main use is to rush forward and grab all the lovely treasure, failing that, die. So, again left to right. Firstly the chap with the fish is Jac (I am waiting for the screaming to start Andy) next is Spindles, then we have Nutter, and lastly with his hand up a puppet, (its a puppet) is Mathew.

So there you are, a little bit of silliness to keep you entertained, unfortunately they will all die as I have finished painting them, ah the joy of the curse of the newly painted figure! What you want a group shot? Here you go then.

Smile, and say put it in a corpse, put it in a corpse, your corpse, not my corpse put it in a corpse!

Right then that will do, all I have to do now is to go sacrifice a couple of goats to the dice gods, but then again my opponent is,


how can I lose?

Catch you when I return.

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