Frostgrave: Walk with the dead part two

Lucius had found the one tomb that my master had been searching for, it was almost hidden from casual view by the trees who’s branches almost  touched the ground with the weight of the snow upon them. And quickly the master assembled the men, and with an almost child like glee the necromancer led us off.

The fresh snowfall masked our approach, and once through the trees the tomb itself could be seen, it was at the centre of a collection of ruins and a scattering of snow covered tombstones. I was in no doubt that at some point this would have been an impressive place, but now it just looked old, ruined, shrouded, dead.

But there was movement, we could spy the occasional skeleton animated by long dead sorcerers wandering aimlessly amongst the ruins, but it was the chests, partially hidden by the tomb itself that we were here for, the master took, Ramos and Flynn and left me with the four ruffians to head forward, Lucius meanwhile took shelter upon some rock outcroppings and readied his crossbow.

Everything happened so quickly, yet to me it all appeared in slow motion, a skeleton suddenly lurched from around a ruin column, and two of my men laughing, rushed forward. I remember their screams and how bright the blood was upon the ground, I rushed for cover. I noticed the other two men rush past the melee towards one of the chests, but before they could reach it, it started to drag itself across the ground away from them! I stared in disbelief, then I saw the reason, crouching near a crumbling wall was the witch Agnes, our rivals were here as well!

Suddenly a shadow loomed over me, the skeleton had felled its two opponents, they were still writhing in puddles of their own blood, and now it raised its sword to finish me! Then there was a whistling and its head exploded into shards as Lucius’s bolt found its mark, I nodded my thanks and ran towards the tomb.

To my right I could my master with his companions locked in combat with vicious looking war hounds and another two mercenaries were behind the hounds, but then the fight moved into the ruins and I lost sight.

The bowman appeared from nowhere, he raised his bow, and the witch appeared next to him, she mutter and waved her hand, his arrow suddenly turned red with magical energies and he released it, and that arrow flew straight and true towards me…


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