Boom baby!

It was a quiet Saturday morning and all around the house nothing was stirring not even a mouse, (which is just as well because we would have to call in pest control)  actually that is a lie, it was run around like crazy bastards to make sure the tables were set, counters counted, figures assembled, pizzas readied, beer fridge full and turned on, dog walked and given her calming tablets and breakfast in bed for the wife. Yes readers it was our super dupa five player charity Guild Ball tournament time!

Always looks so pretty, and then people arrive and everything gets messed up…

Oh and it was Mr P’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you blah, blah, blah.

What a cake!

So with 45 minutes on the clocks and the first players randomly chosen, Grant (fishermen, novice) V John (butchers, noob) and Chris (engineers, novice, but thinks he is better!) V Me (morticians, experienced loser) and Mr P acting as ref it was time to blow that whistle and all together,

Kick it in the goal, kick it in the goal, their goal, not our goal, kick it in the goal!

Now I cannot comment too much on the other game, apart from Johns constant grumbling, but soon subsided after he hit the beer, amazing how half a can will calm some people, but it was a victory for Grant.

On our table Chris opened the scoring by shooting (yawn) poor Dirge the crow out of the sky. And with Ghast drawing all the fire in the centre of the pitch it was not long before Obulus and Mist teamed up, got into their stride and started banging in the goals! Victory to me and the first time I have beaten Chris and those dirty, dirty engineers! Wo-hoo!

And for most of the game I even looked like I knew what I was doing!

However on the other table I was not quite sure about Mr P ref skills of his teaching style…

Oh dear oh dear, and I have to create gaming goodness for you all with this…

After a quick break, and with the smell of pizza drifting up from the kitchen, it was time for round two, this found Mr P (alchemists, bell-end) going against the engineers, whilst I would playing against those squirmy fishes. John should be ref, but as you can see,

it was more than the half of lager that went to his head!

45 minutes later and we had our next results, Mr P had taken the engineers down (again) and the morticians had slipped through the fishermen’s nets to bang in three goals! Another quick change found engineers facing the butchers, and alchemists going against the fish. With moaning from John about the “over powered” engineers, ( much to our amusement) it did not take long for that match to descend into anarchy name calling and face pulling, but John did manage to take a player out so he is getting the hang of it! But it ended with a victory for the engineers so Chris managed to salvage a little pride! The other match was a real white knuckle ride, both teams scoring, and attempting to out manoeuvre the other, but in the end (and down to one dice roll) the alchemists won.

So it was to be Mr P (my super nemesis) and myself squaring up for the final. Now if you watch any of our videos (and there has been one or two) you will know my success rate is extremely poor against Mr P, and even if it was his bloody birthday I was not going down without a fight!

Prayers were said


Offerings made

And we played ball, Guild Ball! What a game! These should tell you all you need to know!

Aw poor Parki warki woo woo.
MMWWHHHAAAA!!!! Victory is mine! Next the world!

All in all a brilliant day, thank you all! And we raised enough cash to buy a full Masons team, which will be painted by the almost  talented Mr P (when he recovers) and then donated to WAAC. So again thank you all! Which just leaves me to show this to you all, well it needed to be done! Till next time!


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