Walk with the dead

The mercenary Lucius, well I think that was his name, was sitting on broken tomb cradling his massive crossbow. Scattered around us other such memorials of the dead were shrouded in fog and snow. The muted voices of the rest of the war band only just reaching us from our hastily assembled camp. We had not expected to find anyone else heading into Frostgrave on such a cold, miserable morning, the fight had been quick and brutal, both sides limping away into the rising fog. The blood from my injured shoulder was beginning to slow.

I looked round, Lucius nodded past the tomb, and there partially hidden in the ruins of another sepulchre was a worn stone staircase leading down into the earth, quietly I descended.

I am Manfred, and I am an apprentice to my master, Krell Foulborn a necromancer. You may think that we are evil, reanimating and controlling the dead, but their souls have moved on only the bodies remain and it is these that we use. Why necromancy you may ask, what of the other orders of magic? Why not enchanting or illusions? It has to be the dead, always have they fascinated me, I have know comfort from the dead, that is why I was forced to leave the village, I was “tainted” they said. And it was later, whilst I hid in a graveyard shivering from the cold, tired, hungry and hunted, that my master found me. He had appeared out of the night, eyes ablaze with witch fire, towering over me, suddenly dogs could be heard barking in the distance, his hooded head snatched in the direction of the sound, and then he held out his hand to me, and like a drowning man grasping for a rope I grabbed it, and we ran.

The inside of the tomb was silent, light was provided by two spluttering torches rammed into the cracked walls, and it was this light that illuminated the outlines of several stone coffins scattered on the floor, and arched doorways leading to what I assumed would be other tombs.

Then he appeared, from the shadows, he smiled, and then I heard his voice in my head, “Bring the men here, this will be our refuge, get Lucius to scout beyond the graveyard, get him to find the way in.Once done,” He turned and pointed to one of the coffins, “You will begin…”

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