Dopey or twatty? Yes dear readers Mr P could be any of the multitude of silly dwarves! And have we got some great pictures from the very long weekend! And I think we might have some gaming stuff as well, so grab thy sword adventurer and lets be on with it!

To begin with, Thursday was our last battling game of the week, and if you didn’t know by now, you will know we were trying out Frostgrave.

See, his little face says it all!

So what did we think? Yes it reminds us of Mordheim, which is a good thing, you leaders are wizards and their apprentices, so loads of magic gets thrown around, and the rest of the war band consists of various soldiers for the fighting! And we freeking love it! For more of our thoughts on the game head over to here and watch the first part of our Frostgrave video.

After the snow had settled and the blood began to dry it was time for a quick Guild Ball game! This time we decided to play Mr P and his Alchemists against my flourishing Morticians. Bloody hell what a game! Back and forth, up and down like a pair of scrubbers draws! And because we were not videoing it I only went and bloody won didn’t I! Actually I did not it was12/8, I kicked it in the goal but still lost! Sorry Mr P!

Friday was rest day and off to Norwich, a fine city, for some chill time, well that and we wanted to head to Athena games, to see if they played Guild Ball. Really nice place, very helpful staff but they have not really heard about Guild Ball! Well it is in a basement! So after chatting they seem quite happy for us to do some demo games. Even better is the fact that they have a huge open upstairs where they hold tournaments! Yes it is for card games, X-wing and even Armada! How come we didn’t know about this place? Could this be a venue for some future Guild Ball action? Time will tell. Go check them out here.

Ah and then some fool let Mr P near the beer, if you are easily offended look away now, except you Jason, you have to look!

Parker and the Pirate Dragon, and no they could not see any ships.
this is something no one should have to see on a Friday afternoon, Mr P humping a Dragon, but too be fair it has been the prettiest thing he has tried to put his penis in in a long time!
Jason, Andy, this one is for you…

Sometimes I really wonder about the Battlehammers sanity, and if you don’t believe me head over to the badly punched otter and read the interview we were forced at gunpoint to partake in! Go there now

In final thoughts if you ever see these two on a train, DO NOT APPROACH! Unless you have tickets to a Guild Ball tournament!


So to Ashley, Lucy and Kevin, the wonderful people that we dumped ourselves on, we are sorry, but thank you for making the home journey fun!

And Jason, get that photo sorted! You are the first Battlehamster!

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