Tick Tock Tick Tock…

Tick ok we get the point! Get on with it! Hmm.

Well lets crack on shall we? And first up following on from the article by Mr P concerning the Death Clock in Guild Ball, (which is here ) how did I find it? And to be honest I really did like it, it forces you to concentrate and think quickly, something which Mr P and myself are not too sharp at! But I think for casual games where we want to have a chat and a piss about, the clock  will not appear! But it would make the videos quicker but not as funny! Send us your thoughts on this! Now! Do it!

See? This is what happens when the gang do not get to play Guild Ball! But it was my turn to play!

So any other GB (Guild Ball) goodness? Well several games have been played, I actually had a victory with the Union (gasp) And Chris lost two in a row with his Engineers (I am not laughing, really I’m not) and one of those was against Stick who has only played once before and was literally about to fly off to China, and yes I did put a load of Battlehammer cards in his bags! And next time we are going to do a mini tournament for us lot and I will charge, all proceeds going to Wargamers Against All Cancer (here) and we will also be donating a fully painted Masons team.

There really is something wrong with Mr P, but at least he is wearing a highly accurate T-shirt…

And that picture leads us nicely onto tomorrows game, (hold on its not Friday? I know but we are heading to Norwich, a fine city for alcoholic refreshment and inspiration) which just might be Frostgrave. I know its not GB (weeping) but this is a fun little game and before you even ask, yes we will be recording!

Now tell me that does not look sexy? No, oh its just me then…

And before I leave you for today, anyone know when the wave 2 Star Wars Armada drops? Need my new ships!

Well then here you go some random pictures that make you question my sanity!

Who let him in? Bloody cowboys…

And just in case you are missing your GB fix, go check out Andy Scott’s blog here Badly Punched Otter, it is nearly as funny as us! No it really is very funny, but I cannot say that no otters were harmed in the making of it.

So last picture and again it refers to Mr Scott, look at this and try not to say…


See you soon!

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