Greetings brave souls, why are you here? Ah you have come to see if the stories are true? If the great frozen city does indeed hold riches and power beyond compare? Well young heroes that is a tale worth telling, buy me an ale and get me a seat by the fire and I will tell you of the wonders of Frostgrave, and the fate of those that tread its frosty, forgotten halls…

With the departure of Warhammer fantasy into the forgotten realms, there to forever reside with other such classic games as Mordheim, Necromunda and Gorkamorka to name but a few, I thought it was time that my fantasy figures too would be sent to gather dust upon the shelves. However that is not to be the case!

A little know game, (to us anyway) had started to make waves a game called Frostgrave, fantasy war-games in the frozen city. A game where rival wizards and their war bands battle for forgotten treasure and magical power! Right now hold on I am getting a Mordheim feel here, could it be?

Now a new game is all well and good until you realise the Battlehammer gaming budget (per month) is two pound fifty, a piece of string and half a second hand jelly baby! But then Friday morning rolls around and a parcel is forced through the door, I open it to find,


yes, someone has actually spent their hard earned cash and bought us a copy! So to Jason Greenwood of the fine city of York I say this, We love you! And hurry up and come down here and play games! Never have we felt so unworthy, well Mr P feels it all the time but that is another story!

The weekend was spent going through the book and getting those fantasy figures back off the shelf, already an idea for a war band was forming, all I had to do was locate the right figures! And several hours later the band of Krell Foulborn (necromancer) had gathered.

500 gold crowns to buy my minions, apprentice 200gc! Bet Sir Alan Sugar doesn’t pay that much!

So after the gold slips through my fingers I have my men, One necromancer, one apprentice, one crossbowman, one infantryman, one knight and two thugs. Hmm.

All I will say about the game is, firstly that was a shit load of fun! And secondly I lost! I wont go into too much detail as we will be filming a game later in the week! And I cannot wait!

Tomorrow I shall be talking about,


and how we got on with the death clock!

Until then, wrap yourself in an extra cloak, its cold in Frostgrave.

7 thoughts on “Frostgrave

    1. So demanding! Give us a shout then and we can sort something. Lol. Longer and more often, you mean our videos or Parker and the midget sex? So what would you like us to do next?


    2. Finally got round to listening to your podcast, (unlike Parker who lives on pod casts and YouTube) and I gotta say, fuck me it was funny! And scary because you come out with the same sort of shite we do! So I think we may have to make you honouree Battlehammerers… really do keep them coming and we will be giving you some love in the vids and blogs…maybe…


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