Boys in the (Robin) Hood

Afternoon all, ready for your next fix of gaming goodness winging its way through the internet to corrupt your fragile little minds? No? Unlucky!

So what shall we start with? Ok then, firstly the match between Alchemists and Engineers (demanded by Jason Greenwood) has been recorded and I am attempting to edit out some of the really obscene bits, and I will begin to upload once the current match, Engineers v Morticians finishes (another bugger knows how many parts) sigh. Tomorrow as we all know is Guild Ball day and Mr P will be taking out his Alchemists for another game against Chris and his Engineers, should be good and expect photos!

Else where Nick once again treated us to another fantastic role-play session with our Yorkshire lads now over in the Holy Lands fighting with King Richard, I think it may well get turned into one (or more) of our four hundred word short story clips, but for now here is a quick introduction to our characters.

Geoffrey of Pearlthorpe (played by Mr P) is a prudent yet generous lad, who is not afraid to put his hand in his pocket to buy a round of drinks. He is the sort of lad that if he found one apple he would cut it up and share it amongst the group. Has started to enjoy the fighting (that is not good) and he is a bowman.

Briant (played by John) is very quiet, we do not really know much about him, very selfish and out for himself. Probably would not piss on you if you were on fire. And like Geoff he too is a bowmen, but he thinks he is better!

Robert (played by Jammar) is so energetic and enthusiastic he left our shield wall and charged off after the retreating enemy on his own! Quiet until he has a beer and then the party animal appears! And the other thing about him is, at seventeen years of age he has a full beard! Nicknamed No boat Bob.

Peter (played by Chris) is a short, grubby and not exactly overflowing in the looks department, thus his nickname the troll. Very good at creeping about and hunting and shooting a bow (yes we all know what he is, a poacher) but also thinks he is a battle-hardened veteran (no) bless him.

And finally there is me,

Thomas Farmer (or Two times Thomas) slightly larger in height than the other lads and average in looks. Tom is quite happy getting involved in a scrap with his fists, but this spear he has to keep using (and dropping) will be the death of him. Hails from the manor of Carverton, where he has a reputation as a ladies man. If it has a pulse he will attempt to crack on it, might not even be that bothered if it has not got a pulse! Euw!

That is our merry band of heroes (?) Time will tell if they bond together and survive the third crusade, so far we are still alive, but for how long? We will ever see England’s green and pleasant lands again? You, like us will have to wait and see.

Right then just time to tell you part five of the spooks v engineers game can be found here so off you go to watch and enjoy.

As for me I am off to camp by the front door in the vague hope my parcel from Steamforged Games (yes more Guild Ball stuff) arrives!

Till next time, keep kicking it in the goal!

Andy Scott this is for you, haha

2 thoughts on “Boys in the (Robin) Hood

    1. Only for the obscene bits? What not the reams of gaming goodness we provide you with? Damn you and your otters! FYI the obscene bits will always stay in, only trying to edit Parker out!


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