Battlehammer invades Ely!

Morning all, and as you may have guessed it was the Battlehammers yearly day out, where we finally are allowed out of our padded cells and descend on an unsuspecting town for five hours of alcohol fuelled debauchery! Yes Jon!

So any gaming news for you? Not to my limited knowledge! We are currently uploading more Guild Ball on to Youtube (yes we are attempting to take it over) and my articles about the Robin Hood role playing campaign will be coming later this week.  We will be filming some more Guild Ball later this week, Alchemists v Engineers, (just for Jason Greenwood). Cheers James Delaney, I have now spent the Battlehammers entire weekly allowance and bought the Malifaux rulebook, but what figures to get? So many choices, so little money, hmm I wonder if I can get the wife to take on a second job?

And for the rest of todays blog? Well you can have some silly pictures from the Ely invasion!

Just in case you did not know where we went! And we got there relatively in one piece, well except for Stick who fell over crossing the first road! Before he had even had his first drink!
So after a lot of stumbling and blood cleaning we manage to get the crew to the first pub. Gently nestled on the banks of the river its picturesque peacefulness destroyed for ever!
As it was the first pub the conversation was deep and meaningful, oh and Chris was there…
Ah peaceful streets, warm sun, and a pub up the road, and us well dressed, well behaved individuals….for now…
Only the second pub in and Parker takes advantage of a wounded Stick and they slid off for some quiet time!
The Battlehammer crew, Mr P, Nick and myself, having a delightful time mocking everyone else!
That moment before it all goes really silly, yes John I mean you!
And I did like the way my wife kept well out of the way!
Apparently Ely is famous for a big church thingy…
…A really, really big churchy thingy!
What the fuck do you mean we cannot find a pub?! DONT PANIC!!!
Panic over, pub found, but we still had Parker with us!
And somehow we even made it back to the station and got on the correct train!
And even after sustaining injuries Stick made it through! His reward? An exclusive, never to be repeated Battlehammer t-shirt, which will be traveling with him to China for a year! Good effort!
And Chris passed out…

All in all a cracking day with good friends, the only bad thing? No Guild Ball!!!

And in breaking news, One Direction are taking a break, yawn!

Till next time.

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