Okey dokey jiggery pokery time for an update of events here at the (world) renown Battlehammer!

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you and welcome aboard to all our new followers/watchers/stalkers/and other unhinged people! Especially those that send us stuff! Well its not quite figures or scenery or new rules to be trying out and play testing, it is in fact some gorgeous teams painted and sent in by James Delaney! And here they are.

Here are his brewers, and I think they are freaking sweet! He has made me almost want to buy them. Almost…
And his even sweeter butchers! People carry on like this and I am going to have to make more of a painting effort! Doh!

So that’s for those James and here is a little shout out to you and the gang, shout

And while we are giving shouts out to people, Jason Greenwood keep those 80’s programs coming! And Mr Andy Scott, I have looked at your little site, here, and after wiping tears of laughter, I must say keep it up! Only trouble I could see was not enough mentions of Parker, me or the Battlehammer! Joking!

Just so you can have a little giggle at my effort on my Masons.
And once you have wiped away laughter tears, here are my Fishermen!

And speaking of shout outs, I must say a huge Battlehammer thank you to Mr Nick Underwood for the game Tuesday night it was simply brilliant! And for you readers I will be detailing the game very, very soon!

So with a Guild Ball table to get ready for the morrow, a social outing at the weekend, (when am I supposed to play games/check facebook/twitter/Youtube?) I will leave you with this, could this be another bone shaking/fast paced/rip roaring Guild Ball game? Hell yes! This time it is Morticians (me) and the Engineers (Parker). And if you do not like it I refer you to those words made famous by Winston Churchill,

“Suck it bitches!”

One thought on “SHOUTS!

  1. Wow! Cracking stuff there Mr S, can’t believe people really sent in pics. I know what you mean about wanting to get some Brewers, there’s just something about a ginger pussy that makes me happy.

    Loving those Butchers too Mr Delaney, the goal especially is fantastic. Brings the whole team to life and makes them look a bit gory without covering them with blood. Just a shame Taunton’s a bit far for us to travel being based here in Norfolk. Sad face.

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