Time for a quickie?

Good morning all, hope you are all well? If not, aw well never mind!

Just a quick update for you today as we here have been squeezing in a quick GB game, and we have to traipse out into the wilderness tonight for our weekly role-playing game. When I say wilderness I mean round a friends, not into the real wilderness!

And the GB games today were slightly different, one of our loyal followers Mr Andy Scott, who wanted to see us attempting a 5v5 Fishermen game, so blow me down we only went and done it! Expect a video soon(ish) And it was a very interesting game! Thinking next time we may attempt an 11 a side game!

Hopefully tomorrow I will give you a little more information on the Robin Hood game, so stay tuned!

Look at the state of them, here at the Battlehammer I really do have to work with some silly buggers!

Right then, with no other real news I shall bugger off and leave you with this new, little gem here.

Keep watching the skies!

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