Busy little bees.

That has been one busy week! So what have we been up to? Do you want to know? Do you? Well read on brave adventurer!

So firstly Mr P and myself decided that we would try something a little different, and with that in mind we opened up Imperial Assault again. Now we had played the introduction and the first of the campaign missions so it was time to carry on and discover what the evil General Weis was up to!

As before Mr P would be commanding the evil empire, whilst I would attempt to lead my rebel heroes to victory!

Now this time I am not going to reveal the out come of the game (cheers for that tip Jason) instead you will have to wait with bated breath because, yes you guessed it we recorded it! Oh joy I hear you cry (I really do) so I will upload that soon (ish)

We have also be treated to two games from Mr Underwood, firstly finishing off the thieves guild campaign, and yes it ended in a cliff-hanger where we have no idea if we will live or die! Bastard. And  the second was the beginning of his Robin Hood campaign, go read his thoughts on this game here and I will go into it in more detail once we have another session under our belts, but for now all I will say is my character Thomas, (now called Two times Thomas, all will be explained) is shaping up to be a character I am really, really going to enjoy playing! But I think Peter the Troll could be trouble, again more details to follow! Such teasing!

Oh, they have an AT-ST. Really? Fuck my hat…

And then it is on to the game of the year, the custard in the donut, the cherry on the ice cream, yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it was Guild Ball time! And this time we were going to be playing a team that Mr Andy Scott wanted us to use (your wish is our command) he wanted to see us Battlehammering the Engineers (much hated here) and we decided that Mr P should field them (and yes he felt dirty) whilst I would once again attempt to use my Morticians.

Well how did it go? Once again I am bound by secret laws not to reveal the answer because just for you all once again we have recorded it! Damn we spoil you! So you will have to wait and see!

I really do not like them bastard Engineers. Oh look another knockdown at distance. Wan#*rs!

So with all this done I had better go get uploading! This may take a while as the hamster in the wheel that is our internet is a little like my brain, very, very slow! I will keep you updated!

Until next time.

Kick it in the goal, kick it in the goal,

their goal not our goal,

kick it in the goal!

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