Guild Ball Season 2 spoilers!!!

Just a quick one gentle readers. For those of you who don’t hover around the GB forum, here’s a couple of things that have turned up recently.


Pin Vice! Could she be the new captain? A speedy-damagy midfielder? Another Striker? I guess we’ll find out soon. As long as she hasn’t got more ranged knockdowns I’ll be happy. (She does look really cool though, I’m sure Mr Straw will have fun painting this for Chris.)


This is Truffles. The new mascot for the Butchers. What a cute ball of murderous lard! In an interview with Guild Ball Informer that you can find here, Rich Loxam talks about Truffles being on a 40mm base (that’s a big pig) and designed to prevent the other team hunting your mascot (I’m guessing lots of hit points and tough hide, maybe with an early knockdown for counter-attacks…please). There’s also something on the forum about it having some kind of special charge (no idea). Can’t wait to get my blood-soaked hands on this, just hope they don’t get bitten off.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below. Best one wins the chance to feed Truffles (at your own risk, no medical insurance provided, please give details of next of kin).

Until next time gentle readers.

3 thoughts on “Guild Ball Season 2 spoilers!!!

    1. cheers fella, I will check it out after filming today, yes it is time to give Imperial Assault the world famous (nearly) Battlehammer treatment!! MWHHAAA!!


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