More fun than you can..

..shake a stick at!

Well readers there you go, we finally got round to playing something that was not Guild Ball, (the wife will be happy) and were we in for a fantastic surprise!

So heading back into history past, I always loved games like Heroquest, and then Warhammer Quest, and the best part was there really was not much preperation, compared to some of the role playing games we have run over the years! I realised it was time to up grade, and Descent looked like it was going to be coming home with me, it looks like a nicer version of Warhammer Quest, lots of nice figures and you can get extra characters and monsters in packs.

But then I came across Imperial Assault, I am a Star Wars fan, so I would be doing myself a diservice if I did not check it out!

Holy mother of god, the rules could have been written a little clearer, but the figures, card tiles and cards (lots of cards) are gorgeous! And it is Star Wars!

Aw look at the excitement on his little face!

So after getting through the rules we decided to give it a go. And it was really a lot of fun! If you haved watched any of the Star Wars Armada videos we have done on YouTube (if not why?) You will know that Mr P and myself love shouting out quotes from the films and this game was no exception! It just oozes Star Wars!

please do not make me paint these aswell!

We battled our way through the introductory game, and then cracked on the first campaign mission, and even though it was hard fought, it was victory for the rebels.

Hmm, this was not meant to be a review, but we here at the Battlehammer really do like this game, already stirrings of campaign ideas have started to flow. The force is strong in this one!

In other news, next video is up here and we might even record the next Imperial Assault game just for you!

Now I am in need of A Guild Ball fix so it is off to throw paint at the Masons.

Until next time, the force will be with you, always.

2 thoughts on “More fun than you can..

  1. I have fond memories of both hero and warhammer quest. Especially with Warhammer quest when we were doing a fun campaign and my chaos warrior got so many mutations it was impossible for him to enter a city, But he could pack a punch. What do you think of the card version of warhammer quest that is coming out? Also stop showing such fun games i am still fighting the urge to buy Armada i don’t need you tempting me with more star wars goodness. (Although to be honest it may be too late)

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  2. That proves how good a games critic/player/bell end I am, didn’t even know there was a card game coming out! If I wasn’t so funny I would sack myself!
    Buy Armada! It really is a lot of fun, or wait till wave two drops and you can watch us giving them the battlehammer treatment!


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