A tale of woe

This sad tale should be a lesson to you all, not quite sure what the lesson is but there you go.

The Saturday sun was blazing into the garden turning it into heat trap, the plan for the gardening had to be put on hold (haha) and my plan began to take shape.

Oh and what a bold, beautiful plan it was!

But how wrong could I have been! After cooking myself for a while, and after moving on to the vodka (oh dear) the wife turns to me and happens to mention that my painting area could do with a tidy up, off you go then responds I, cleverly thinking that she will never do that! But to my horror off she went! Oh for the love of god no! Never touch my painting stuff woman!

So not only does she start sorting paints into proper colour groups (ok that was handy) she then decides that the table could also be moved, and so began the real horror.

Must I really sort this lot out?

However, battling on against the odds, slowly things began to fall into place and after a couple of hours, she decides it job done for her, so she has a little sit down (bless) while I valiantly struggle on.

She even suggested I might like to sort out all those “silly plastic bits”, oh really?

But with the end in sight and me feeling a little worse for wear, we (I) finally finished!

Well that is half the gaming room sorted! And I can even get to the painting table!

So having finished it was time to reward myself with a well earned sit down in the now much cooler garden and a refreshing beverage.

Hello, trying to relax!

And next week we have more gaming goodness than you can shake a small stick at, well hopefully! But for now I shall leave you (thank the gods you are thinking) with this little thought,

The words of truth.

Catch you all later.

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