Hindsight. One word with so much meaning. As you know recently I had a victory with my Morticians in that good old game called Guild Ball (unless you are dead you will know we like it a little bit here at the Battlehammer) Now as Friday no longer exists, (it is now GB day, that is Guild Ball) we decided to do things slightly differently and play with teams we have never played with before! Fools, I should have kept with the Morticians!

So with the camera set up and the teams on the pitch (yes we were even using the paper dolls? Why? Because we can) it was time to get it on!

Now to begin with I  will admit I really screwed everything up, firstly I chose the Brewers (hmm) facing off against Mr P and the Fishermen (doh) I should have know that on his second activation when he scored with Angel that I was doomed, should have stopped there and then! Sorry oh dice gods were the goat sacrifices not enough for you?

Love using them, fecking hate playing against them!

Bah, least the video should be entertaining! So following a quick tea break it was on to the second game. This time I would field the Masons (yes I know I have used them before but I needed a confidence boost) and Mr P decided to go all in and dug out a Union team, uh-oh!

And once again Mr P either proved he is a GB genius (right) or I am in fact the most unluckiest player to grace this green earth, yes another loss!

Looking back I realised I never scored a single point in either of the games!

Why carry on? Because it is like the best game ever (until I design Zombie-winks) Even losing, though mildly annoying, brings ideas and tactic for the next game, and you never know, when (if) I win we may have even recorded it! Which is just as well because the old memory bank is not what it used to be!

Purple dressed bastards….

Well that just leaves me to say have a cracking weekend, I will let you know when the upload is done. Next week we shall be attempting Star Wars Imperial Assault! Cannot wait!

And mainly eating jelly.

5 thoughts on “Doomed

  1. Aw, look at your little face. Still can’t believe I managed it. Just show what I can do if I lay off the booze. Reckon you’ll be forcing it down me gullet next game though.

    In all fairness, I never realised how good the Fishermen can be, just ignore damage and focus on the ball. Gorgeous.

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