Afternoon all

Just because I feel like spoiling you all, today we have links for more Battlehammer video goodness! In fact we have two for you, mainly because you lot are more demanding than my wife!

So to begin with we have the eighth part of the drunken Guild Ball game, where we finally find out what Mr P’s favourite animation is. Well it is here.

And for your second treat, yes by popular demand (and some threats) it is the third part of the Fishermen against the Alchemists, which you should find here, and yes I wish he would just roll those bloody dice!

On a quick note, for those that want longer videos, unlucky! No it is just that our internet is really, really slow and as things stand it takes about a day to upload a ten minute vid! So enjoy the anticipation!

And guess what? Tomorrow is Friday! And we may even give you a hint of the new game that is going to be huge, I mean even bigger than Guild Ball!

And today the random picture is…IMG_0295

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