Mr P shocked me with an idea the other day, he said how about writing some articles on our Guild Ball teams? Now instantly I thought oh no, not serious writing work? But then he said those hallowed words, in Battlehammer style! Big, cheesy smiley face!

Well when better than to start now? If you are expecting a detailed breakdown of team plays you are going to be very, very disappointed! Still there? Then read on as the Battlehammer proudly presents, the Morticians, graveyards, tombstones and other such nonsense! Sort of part one?


Obulus, the captain. I always imagine this grim bugger lurking behind some of the bigger fellows in the team, purely because I do not want him hurt! And the fact that his Puppet Master skill is so bloody useful, especially when the opposition are near, yes you know you want to pass me the ball! And the joy for me, or look of horror on Mr P’s face when he charges Obulus and forgets about that Unpredictable Movement! Gold. He is not a slouch when it comes to battering people either, but it is a role I do not use him for. And let us dare not forget his Legendary Play, stealing your opponents momentum points! So much fun! All in all a great captain that you really have to think with to get the best from, (ah that is why I do not win) but I do not see how they will replace him in season two. Unless Scalpel ( new captain) is more hurty (real word)?

Graves, meh. He is one of the players that I tried so hard with but for some reason just does not work for me. Yes he can cause bleeds, poison and slow people down but I just struggle with him. I think that is why these days I normally swap him out for Mist. The only good thing I can say about Graves is that I really like the figure, but until the idea of how to use him better, (season two upgrade?) it is in the locker room you shall remain my good man.

Well I hope that has wetted your appetite, I have no doubt that Mr P will go about things differently, check out his thoughts on Harry the Hat in a previous blog here, it is really good, but do not tell him I said so, it can be our little secret!

Next time if the demands call for it I shall dish the dirt on Cosset and Casket, you have been warned!

Keep on playing ball, GUILD BALL!

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