For the loyal few

Firstly, as this is only a quickie (get your minds out of the gutter) I would just like to say a thank you to everyone showing us here at the battlehammer some love, I think you are as crazy as the rest of us!

So before I go work on the next article, yes it may be Guild Ball related (shock) I have links for two uploads that have been demanded! Yes I know crazy!

We have for your viewing enjoyment, the second part of the Fishermen v Alchemist game (just for you Mr Scott) in stunning HD glory here, and for Mr Greenwood (hugs) the next not to be missed (unless you don’t watch it) Super Star Wars Armada part two is here.

Is it a wonder I lose so many games when I have to look at this?

Now it is off I go to bask in my own glory, go my pretties go watch and learn from Mr P and myself as we makeĀ countless mistakes in the pursuit of bringing you enjoyment!

And remember, big guns never tire.

Oh and your completely unrelated picture of the day is…

One less screaming child in the neighbourhood…

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