Hairy round things…

Right then, it is time for the Weekend Roundup (cue suitable music, something like the old cinema theme) of gaming goodness.

Mr P finally gets a whole team painted! First time he has ever finished anything!

Plenty of Guild Ball has been played this weekend, and fortunately Mr P’s Butchers did not make an appearance, they just posed at the side of the pitch!

First game was the Fishermen lead by me going against the Alchemists, and yes I lost, memo to self spread out so them bastard templates do not get so many of my team!  Second game was my masons having ago against the Alchemists,

It is all fun and games till they started throwing things at us!

and I lost that too! I really should stop playing but the game is far too good! Next Mr P tried the Alchemists out against Chris and the Engineers, and he very nearly won, but them Engineers do like their knockdowns and pushes! Oh and minefields!

Yes I really should give up!
Bringing the BOOM!

So with things looking pretty grim for team Straw, I could not even tell you what was happening on the 40k table (yawn) but they had some fun? It was time to up my game, this time I would play Grant who would be using my Fishermen against, wait for it, a Union team! Go Purple!

With Blackheart, Coin, Avarisse and Greede to start, I added Gutter, Rage and Mist, this would be interesting!

Mist proved to be worth his weight in gold, no wonder he is now a permanent addition to my Morticians!

Things went really went well for me, and I found the team gelled together! But Grant started to get back into the game, and pulled back some points.

Intense gaming!
My lead begins to increase, then Grant decides to begin using underhanded tactics! Get that giant fish off the table!
Haha, the scoreboard says it all! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Right that will do for today, next week will be some more Star Wars stuff and maybe even some more Zombiecide, so stay tuned!

And in parting some more viewing for you, firstly some more Guild Ball can be found here and a little more Star Wars Armada here and the second Zombiecide here

Catch you on the flip side!

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