Thought i’d dig a little deeper

OK, gentle readers, Mr Straw put up a post that finished with a sneaky peek of someone called “Harry the Hat”, a new Union player for Guild Ball who crosses over with the game, Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke. As this whet my appetite for more info I decided to check out the Guild Ball forum and see what I could find, so here it is.

untitled (3) untitled (4)

There we go, what can we take from this? First thing’s first, I really hope that this isn’t the look of the new cards. I’d hate to forget “Rising Anger” or “Crazy” because they were on the back of the card. I guess we’ll se as there’s been no word from Steamforged either way. So how does he seem as a character? Well, I know I’m happy as he plays for the Butchers and the Alchemists, my teams of choice. Should get plenty of use out of him. Starting with the front of the card, he seems to have pretty average stats for a big, damagy bloke. The let downs being his 1/4 influence and his TAC of 4. Yes, freaking 4! Well see how that pans out later. His playbook is full of damage with some nice damage/double push/momentous results but strangely only has one row of results. Something new for Season 2? His plays are nice and cheap for someone with minimal influence. I’ve seen “Goad” used effectively by Marbles, forcing players to do what you want. Will be nice for the Butchers and Alchemists. “Molotov” can dish out burning, handy for slowing the opposition, again useful for both teams. Finishing off the front of the card with 19 hits is pretty good. He can take a hit or two.

So let’s check him out from behind (oooh, matron). He’s a Union player with a good selection of teams to play for. I’ve seen “Crazy” used well by Cosset. Sure, you take three hits but you’ll heal them back with the momentum you’ll generate. Having 19 hits makes him much less of a glass cannon. “Rising Anger” is fantastic, everyone loves momentum and if you can gain it without doing anything, winner. Then we’ve got his Heroic Play, “Inspiring Hat”, more of a fluffy thing than anything else I think.

So how would I use him? I think, keep him on a flank and use “Goad” to have the opposition move towards him and keep the rest of your team free of a threat. Also, the opposition will have to decide if he even wants to attack you, as you’ll be getting momentum for the privilege. On the other hand, you could have him at the centre of a hitty team like the Butchers or Brewers, people would be goaded into a fight they might not want and you’d use “Inspirational Hat” to give your scrum a buff. Only things I’d change are the card (pleas keep them the same as they have been for Season 1) and giving him the extra playbook row, hopefully with a KD (ideally momentous) on about the third column.

Hope you liked that little player rundown, if you’re really nice I may even do some more as Season 2 rolls around. Do you like Harry “the Hat” Hallahan? Will you use him differently from me? Do you even lift bro? As always the best comment will win…this. As a pre-emptive prize, here’s a sneaky peek I found online. This one’s for Mr Straw.

85f272_3275c31f214841b9b6a79b0756c6189f.jpg_srb_p_600_673_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 CK7StTKWIAEQ09-

Turns out the guy above is a Season 2 addition to the Morticians. His render on the right has just popped up and his name is Bonesaw. Enjoy.

Until next time gentle readers.

3 thoughts on “Thought i’d dig a little deeper

  1. Nice review fella, don’t know how I would use him, then again I never win so what would I know? Bone saw, and Scaple, methinks the morticians are getting some proper damage dealers!

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    1. Yup, Thinking about Scalpel, Bonesaw, Ghast, Cosset and Rage from the Union plus whatever the new mascot will be. Could be seriously hitty. That’s the thing I’m looking forward to in Season 2, having one team being able to play more ways. Like now, you can play the Alchemists as a scoring team, an area control team or go for a slightly more hitty team depending on the roster including the Union. That will only get more varied as Season 2 drops. Can’t wait!


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