It is nearly..

..Guild Ball Friday! Wo-h00!

Yes boys and girls that wonderful day of the week is fast approaching where Mr P and my good self crack open a few beers, discuss up coming gaming goodness and break out the Guild Ball table! Now yesterday I thought bugger , I have no idea which team I want to use, so I had better throw some paint in the random direction of all of them! Well they now all have had a quick lick of paint, yes I know they are only base coated with out a hint of shading but at least this way I know who is who! What? Pictures you say?  Hmm.

Before you get all critical remember these are only base coats! Just a rough idea for me!
The Union, that is a lot of purple, looking forward to shading this lot!
The Masons, these should look fine when finished.
Fishermen, I really like these models!
Oh and Chris, here is the start of your Engineers. Boo.

We will let you know how the games go! As for next week I think we will be having a trial run of Imperial Assault so keep your eyes on YouTube for that, and speaking of which, for those that are interested the next part of the Zombiecide game is now live and you can find it here.

Until next time, keep your swords sharp!

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