A long time ago…

…the Imperial fleet waited, on the bridge of the Star Destroyer, Emperors Wrath, Admiral Vost stood looking out through the viewports, watching the squadrons of TIE fighters begin the search of this isolated system. A gentle cough from the sensor station caught his attention, he turned raising an eyebrow, ” Contact sir, ” acknowledged the sensor officer, ” three rebel capital ships, and they are launching fighters!”

Good thought Vost, our first catch of the day!

So as you may of gathered it was a little game of Star Wars Armada yesterday, with Mr P taking charge of the rebel fleet and myself as the tyrannical Empire, (cue music) 300 points per fleet, with 5 objective points on the table to claim it was time to get our Star Wars rock on!

This is the point where you add the music…

My Imperial fleet began by gently trundling forward, then the rebels came into sight.

Now is it just me or does anyone else what to paint that big bugger gold and add two eyes to it?

With fighters being blown out off the sky left right and centre, the game came down to the big ships slugging it out in the middle, and what a slugfest it was, but eventually the Imperials got the upper hand, the Gladiator snatching two objectives then heading off table, while the Star Destroyer unloaded everything it had into the Nebulon B, but not destroying it! But then the Destroyer crashed through the Nebulon! Big explosion and then the Destroyer emerged through the debris cloud!

In the end victory was mine, but Mr P did get a minor moral victory by taken out all of my fighter squads! All in all a really fun game, but we now so want the wave two ships to drop!

That’s no moon, no its not, it is in fact one of the dogs toys I nicked for the game, glad she did not come looking for it!

That will do for now, but I will leave you with this,


catch you all later!

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