The joy of…


Yes oh loyal followers this weekend was all about me, glue and the joy of sticking my (fingers) Guild Ball goodies together! And after the frustration of once again having to work with metal, (at least it is not Finecast shite!) I finally got them assembled! At least that is the best part of plastic I guess it is quicker to work with, unless you glue the wrong bit to the wrong part and then you are in a world of trouble!

Not bad for an afternoons work, now I just have to paint the little buggers!

In other news more releases for Age of Sigmar (yawn) and I must say I really do not like them! And that is my final word on that!

Lots of fun playing zombiecide last week and if you did not catch it on Youtube (shame on you!) so the link is here.

Tomorrow will see more Star Wars Armada winging your way, concentrate firepower on that Star destroyer!

Again several games of Guild Ball have been played, now with the nice (sexy) tokens! And in shocking news my Morticians lost once again to those bastard Butchers! I really need Boar to fall off a high cliff!

All nice and neat with the nice new tokens, and then the Butchers arrived…
Poor Mist, he scores one goal for me then proceeds to get gang raped by three of the Butchers.
Come on Princess walkies…
Bah, this lot could not beat a team of wet paper bags! But I love em!

Well that will do for today, I am off to prime some figures!

Play ball,

Guild Ball!

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