Hmm brains..

Afternoon all, and I hope today finds you all well and dandy? This week I have mainly been assembling yet more Guild Ball figures, this time some Union players and the Engineers team for Chris, and the bugger wants me to paint them! Oh the cheek! I foolishly agreed but then my Fishermen and Masons have arrived, so guess what Chris, they are not getting painted yet! Haha.

So with more Guild Ball tomorrow, (do not worry we will not record this one honest) we had to do something for you today, and with Star Wars Armada penciled in for next week that left one thing, yes loyal readers we proudly present, Zombiecide! As done by us fools here at the Battlehammer!

So this was the city layout, nice and simple.

Now the story is our Four survivors have come together as the zombie apocalypse begins, I am sure this will get turned into a story at some point but for now all you need to know is, on the table are six objective points that the heroes must try and collect, they must also try to find four food or water items and then get to the A-team van and escape the city.

Our four survivors, Doug, Phil,Josh and Ned, all we need now are the zombies!

Now I will not go into too much detail, reason being we did record the game so it may appear later on Youtube, you will just have to wait and see. But for now lets just say,


there may have been some zombies involved! Did the heroes survive? What happens to them now?

Well the answer to that and other such pointless questions? You will just have to wait and see, or beg!

Until the next thrilling episode, keep watching the skies!

And us!

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