All this gaming.. hard work!

Only joking, but then again I do have to spend quite a bit of time with Mr P and that cannot be good for my sanity! But enough of that, what do we have for you today? Well have a little look at this..

Bloody hell that is a big one! But not for any of my teams! Which still have not arrived!!

Also today we have the latest uploaded thing which is, wait for it, here and guess what it contains no Guild Ball! Do not think I am happy about that!

But more Guilds of Balls tomorrow (and beer) and it looks like I will still be using the paper dolls as there is no sign of my orders yet! Yes Steamforged prepare for another email!

Pretty sure there was something else I had to tell you all but the old grey matter has gone completely blank, bugger.


So we will end with a totally unrelated picture! Till next time..

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