Here we are again…

..all good friends in jolly good company! Hmm.

Afternoon all and I hope your plans for world domination are progressing nicely? If not try harder!

So for today we have the link for Drunken Guild Ball part seven! Only loads more to come, if enough of you keep watching! It is here

Also currently uploading another section of our Armada game from the other week only because we have to share our singing with you, no really we do! Link to follow.

In other news it is nearly time for Drunk Guild Ball friday! Hurrrah!

Well if you have been keeping up with all the GB news you will now know that this is the Season Two Mortician captain! Get in!

Remember you can contact us with hits, tips and threats of violence at the usual places,

or even on Twitter, darren hay@thebattlehammer

Well until next time here is a picture to keep you going.

Hmm beer…


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