Lock S foils in attack position…

Now that was a lot of fun! Yes fellow gamers Mr P and myself have just been battling in a galaxy far, far away! Yes we have been at the Star Wars Armada again.

This time however we worked out our own fleets up to 300 points and got on with it. With three objectives on my side of the table (yes I have no idea why he set them up there either) my Imperial fleet rumbled forward.

The game itself was really close,but victory went to me (wo-hoo) but I think we both enjoyed the cinematic feel of the game, especially when I sent in two squadrons of TIE Interceptors to harass His Nebulon B Frigate, only to have them destroyed by squads of X-wings arcing around the stricken vessel, and then later when the same frigate accidently flew into my Star Destroyer, which then proceeded to unload every weapon available to reduce the rebel ship to dust particles! BOOM!

Oops, all hands brace for impact! All important officers to the escape pods!
You rebel scum are no match for the might of the Empire!
Just going to leave this here…

And remember, the Force will be with you always.

2 thoughts on “Lock S foils in attack position…

  1. Hope to get hold of some rule books soon, just trying to decide which to get in addition to the mighty guild ball

    Do you have any of the following.

    Warzone resurrection Infinity Tor gaming relics Bolt action Beyond the gates of Antares (same mechanic as bolt action, set in fantasy world)


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