Sometimes I really do wonder…

Right you lot here we go again for another week of gaming goodness, and what do we have planned for you this week? Well I thought we would start with the mighty oak tree and how its growth has shaped the way we fight modern warfare… not really!

But on the subject on silly things us humans can do, if you have not checked out this on Youtube yet give it a look and weep!

I still cannot decide if it is genius or madness, but with my fading interest in GW at the moment I think I am leaning towards the former!

On with more silliness from the creative comedy team that is Mr P and myself we have a little 10 minute instalment of Star Wars Armada which we did on Friday, the phrase oh dear springs to mind!

As I said it is very silly and episode 5 even had us singing, lets hope no none wants to watch that! But if someone asks I will upload it.

And on the subject of uploads it looks like the next part of the drunken Guild Ball game will be going up later as well.

I laughed so much when I saw this that it just had to go here.

Tomorrow we will attempt another Armada game, with more Guild Ball, (and hopefully the rest of my orders arrive) to follow on Friday.

As for me I shall begin printing and assembling some medieval cards buildings that I downloaded from Fat Dragon Games, which I hopefully will be using for Zombiecide Black Plague, so keep an eye (or two) out for updates on that.

And finally for today, part two of The Wolves of the North mini story may be coming your way this week! Yes loyal readers will Wulf find the rest of the family? Will he understand the power that he holds? Only time and you lot reading it will tell.

So until next time I leave you with this,

when will you rage?


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