A new dawn…

Right then let’s get cracking with today’s gaming goodness shall we? No? Unlucky!

Firstly Mr P and myself had a couple of games of, (wait for it, wait for it) irrigating the third world. Ah no that was last week, Guild Ball! Like you did not know? Right? So Mr P was trying out his second team, the Alchemists, and I decided to try my Masons, (still using the paper ones ggrrr) so off we went. And what can I say, I won!

Recovering we played again, this time I gave the Fishermen an outing, again I won! But to be fair Mr P was rolling dice like someone who had never rolled a dice before in their life! Those little cubes of fate really, really did not like him!

In other news the latest Guild Ball video hit the required viewing, so I shall upload number 6, (will the horror ever stop?) And speaking of videos on the morrow we shall be giving Star Wars Armada the Battlehammer treatment! And you know, there might just be beer involved! Wohoo!

Just add two drunken idiots and we have a video!

The next part of Wolves of the North is currently under way. And I really should explain what that is all about, years ago I ran an adventure for Werewolf where the characters were all siblings set in Viking times, and a raid against their home village brought on their change into Werewolves. And I though I would share the story with you all, yes you are very welcome.

And finally for today, coming soon, your chance to win a very limited Battlehammer T-shirt in our first ever caption competition! Stay tuned for more information soon!

Remember you can contact us via comments or email,



or even Twitter, darren hay@thebattlehammer


Catch you all on the flip side.

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