Its that time again..

Yes readers it is the start of another week, and as you tell from the above picture us here at the Battlehammer had a very busy weekend! Actually we didn’t so there!

Firstly we have a new upload for you, it is not part 5 of the drunken Guild Ball game, we are on 89 views, one more to unlock it! No we have another drunken game, but this time with official Battlehammer T-shirts!

So here it is,

Age of Sigmar is now up for preorder, meh.

Must be the new Union mascot? Lol! Love it!

All I need now is the other teams I have ordered to arrive…

Hello, why has it taken so long for this figure to come out?

So for now its off to get my Union team put together, and I am not looking forward to fixing Snakeskin, no tab on the foot to fix it to the base, Houston we have a problem!

Well technically I have more than one problem…
Frankie and Dragon have some quality time between watching Guild Ball matches!
I will just leave this one here, Morticians against the Butchers. And yes you are reading it right! Victory is mine!

Thats your lot for now, laters boys and girls.

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