He has only gone and done it…

Yes you wonderful, wonderful people the impossible has finally happened, (yes the wife is kicking me out! Joking!) no good readers I have finally won a game of Guild Ball!

Look at that face of contentment…

Ok lets recap shall we? Saturday was a bunch of us, (our little gaming group) playing, surprise surprise the unexpected hits you between the eyes, (sorry, lost plot there) Guild Ball. And as usual I lost, do not think I could win a game against a wet paper bag!

So fast forward to Tuesday? I cant remember! But Mr P and myself had a little game and, by the grace of all the Gods, (both young old and those that are not sure) the Morticians finally won!

Then it gets better, yesterday I spent a lot of time in the sun, (melting my little brain) and getting some homemade Guild Ball tables made, which is easier than you think!

Looks good as it is! If you want to know how it was done, drop us a line…
I know it is only a table but I feel slightly aroused…

So even more of an update, we had a couple of games today, during a management meeting, (which is our speak for beer time!) Mr P played his Butchers with a couple of changes, and I tried again with the Morticians with Mist and Fangtooth in instead of Graves and Cosset. Only Bloody won didn’t I!

Another quick team change and I try the Fishermen against the same Butcher team, ( lost, moving on) however the next game same teams, was a complete slaughter, nay, humiliation of the Butchers as I destroyed them!

Still, an afternoon well spent, we could have been playing 40k, (I don’t think so) but Guild Ball is way more fun!

Tomorrow will bring more random thoughts on this little hobby, and maybe a little story for you.

Now go watch our stuff on Youtube!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82LUdPRxGJs This was the latest Guild ball,( drunk) video, and because I love you guys her is a totally random one for you,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOiWLxM8J_k Ok I lied its not random but go check it anyway!

Till the morrow when the sun shall shine again, and dark things still lurk in the shadows, watch the skies!

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